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Time for a reboot

My last post on my Tumblr was back in November, so I think it's time for another reboot. To get this off to the right start, I wanted to first figure out why my blogging activity keeps falling into periods of lulls where I stop blogging altogether. It seems it really comes down to two big reasons:

  1. I'm generally pretty busy with other stuff. (Duh!)
  2. I always get really excited in the beginning phases of a blog, because it's fun to set up and customize, but then it inevitably starts to get stale when the day-to-day is just writing new entries.

Which brings me to this reboot... I'm excited to mess around with Nate Wienert's Obtvse blogging platform. I may be a little late to the party here, since the big hubbub came about when Nate released Obtvse in reaction to Dustin Curtis's Svtble network. The minimalist design of both the template and the admin system feels much more approachable than Wordpress or even Tumblr, so I'm hoping it'll lower the hurdle to blogging for me.

Also, I'm ashamed to admit I'm rather unknowledgeable when it comes to Markdown, so I'm excited to pick it up and learn it so I can be able to utilize it in other things, like (dare I say it?) documenting code.

In contrast to previous reboots, I think I'm going to use this opportunity for a wipe as well. My old posts dated all the way back through high school, and probably have very little value to anyone other than some sentimental value to me.

Some first impressions:

  1. Installation was relatively simple, but it's made me realize a bit more that I ought to distill some of my server setup workflow into scripts, perhaps some homebrewed to start, though Chef and Puppet look pretty interesting.
  2. The UI (accidentally or not) prescribes a certain length of post. Even this one that I'm writing now is hitting the bottom of the text field, and I keep having to scroll down to see what I'm typing. I might roll some JavaScript to fix this.
  3. The default style doesn't show list markers. That is, the stylesheet has this at the very top:

    ul {list-style-type:none;}

    I haven't yet taken the time to figure out what the best way is to override this, so for now (and this post), I'm just not using unordered bullet lists. :)

  4. It'll be interesting to see how to maintain my own fork of Obtvse over time. So far, I've just got a few extra commits that I'm hoping I can keep rebasing on top of Nate's master. I intend to keep the style minimalist since I like that sort of stuff anyway, but I may add in tiny bit of flair soon, like a ninja perhaps.

So here it is. I've rebooted my blog. And it's so much cleaner...

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